Automatic Trading

Easy to use

If you are intimidated by trading, Omicron comes equipped with tools and settings that will get you started instantly. Just hit 'Auto-Trade' and have Omicron work for you right away, and you can learn more about trading as you go along.

Fully automated

Omicron is designed to run constantly, always looking for quality entry signals, even while you sleep. Omicron draws on many cutting edge data signals such as liquidations and blockchain movements not seen in any other crypto bot.

Instant manual switch

For the pro trader who likes to retain full control, Omicron allows you to manual switch instantly. Simply hit the 'Go Long Now' or 'Go Short Now' to instantly enter into a position you like. Omicron let's you cleverly override automation, without causing any issues. Let Omicron temporarily take charge, while you spend more time with friends and family.

Active 24/7

Automation allows you to trade 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Yes, even hungover on Boxing day. Trading more often means more opportunities, which translates to more income.

Meet Jenny

A.I. Assistant

Trading is all about alerts. Not only does Omicron provide you with cutting edge, multiple condition alerts unavailable in other platforms such as TradingView, it takes the game even further with your very own Jarvis; Jenny the A.I. Assistant. Jenny tells you exactly what she is doing at any one time, such as position entry, when creating a Take Profit order, or even when a liquidation event occurs.

Fancy stepping away from the monitor? Now you can do it without fear, as Jenny will be telling you in plain English the action happening on the exchanges.

Powerful Entry/Exit Tools

Fragmented Entry®

Fragmented Entry® allows you to enter into a position in pieces, over a set period of time. Instead of putting all your funds into one position, at one single point in time, Fragmented Entry® waits for your signal, and then purchases pieces of the total order gradually, which usually averages out to a much safer, and profitable, position entry.

In example, let's say you have 2 Bitcoin you would like to trade. Instead of entering long at $10,500 @ 2 BTC, we can instead define 4 fragments over 120 seconds, which would allow us to enter 0.5 BTC every 30 seconds. Omicron then performs an average calculation on all our entry prices, to create the Stop Loss and Take Profit orders, which is also done automatically.

Automatic Stop Loss and Take Profit creation

Omicron let's you define fixed variables for Stop Loss and Take Profit beforehand, which are then applied to the Stop Loss and Take Profit orders created automatically after entry.

If you are unsure about how much Stop Loss or Take Profit to use, Omicron gives you 'dynamic' options, which means the SL/TP values will be calculated dynamically using data from the previous support and resistance zones, which also increases the probability of the Take Profit order triggering, meaning more profits for you.

Similarly, using the dynamic Stop Loss, Omicron can make educated guesses on the place region to exit.

For the riskier trader, Omicron also gives you a second dynamic Stop Loss option; right above or below the Liquidation price for the position, to exit you right before the event occurs.

Algorithm Builder

● Power Modules ●

Omicron comes with a suite of powerful signal detection modules. Even better, you get to pick which signals you want Omicron to consider. Don't think highly of RSI? Simply turn it off, and Omicron will discard the signal.

Wanna long a Whale movement? Simply activate the powerful Whale Watch® module, and you can even fine-tune and define its behaviour. Want to short a large batch of liquidations? Simple activate the Liquidation Engine® module, and enable Allow Shorts. Whatever you need, Omicron has the tools for you.

Support/Resistance Detection

This is one of the most important and powerful modules in Omicron, displayed as a gold and silver line on the chart. The module works by detecting areas where the price has seen a lot of resistance, meaning it has made several attempts to break above (or below), and failed.

Similarly, areas such as $10,000 for Bitcoin are considered support zones, where the price will struggle to break below. Our 'Pyschology' module actually considers these round number zones, see below. With this feature turned on, Omicron will not long when above the gold line, and will not short when it is below. Think of the gold and silver lines as magnets.

Liquidation Engine

Entering after a large cascade of liquidation has taken place (this is when someone leveraged loses their entire position, and possibly account), is a strategy that appears to have a high success rate. Omicron will automatically enter you long or short depending on the liquidations type when this module is activated, and will even wait until the cascade has finished before purchasing your order.

Liquidation events are shown as bright pink and green bars in the chart. Short position liquidations will appear from the top of the chart as pink bars, with a size dependant on volume, whereas long liquidations will appear as a bright green bar at the very bottom of the chart.

Plugin your own TradingView Email signals

Omicron comes equipped with an Email module, that allows you to plug any 5 minute or 4 hour signal into it, for example fromTradingView. It works by reading your Emails, and acts on the last one received. In example, you could setup a 5m BTCUSDT SHORT alert in TradingView, that also sends an Email when triggered.

Omicron will then read this Email from your chosen inbox, and will avoid 'longing' during this timeframe. Similarly, you could setup a 4h ETHUSDT LONG alert, which when triggered, would let Omicron know that the 4 hour environment is bullish for Ethereum.

This is a hugely powerful module that opens up a world of possibilities for the trader. You can choose any indicator to represent your long or short signals. The most commonly used indicators are MAC-D, VWAP, RSI and even Open Interest.

Whale Watch®

The Whale Watch® module, only available in Omicron Essentials and Omicron Pro Trader, is a cutting edge blockchain forensics tool. Whale Watch operates on a curve; typically when millions of dollars of Bitcoin or Ethereum move to an exchange, a 'pump' then 'dump' occurs. With Whale Watch® activated, Omicron will make educated guesses on whether to enter long or short, or avoid entry entirely.


T.U.R.A.N.® is a cutting edge A.I. neural-net module that will be available in Q1 2021. The T.U.R.A.N.® machine learning model has been trained with thousands of historic candle charts for each crypto asset, which should allow for a massive leap in accuracy when it comes to price prediction.

The most cutting edge chart to date


Powergraph® gives you never-seen-before indicators simply unavailable anywhere else. PowerGraph® displays Whale movements on the blockchain, Liquidation events, accurate support/resistance zone calculations, Gold and Silver lines which throw in the fibs to the mix, and even takes your favourite signals from TradingView, allowing you to customize it to your hearts content.

Powergraph® also features an uber-useful triple-shaded price candle, which shows you the spot, average Futures and Futures mark prices simultaneously for any asset.