T.U.R.A.N. Artificial Intelligence price prediction module nearing release

Turan is a ground-breaking A.I. module for Omicron, built on the Google TensorFlow neural-network API. The machine learning data model is fed with thousands of carefully selected historic candlestick images, right before a large move to the upside or downside occurs. Using this trained model, Turan is then asked to predict what will happen next in the current price chart.

In example, even though all traditional metrics appear to be bullish, or bearish, Turan is able to predict an imminent price rise, or drop, that common indicators may not be able to pick up. Turan will be available to all Omicron Pro Trader accounts as standard from March 2021, and upgrades are free.


'Bart' Detection coming to Omicron

The Astaroth team are proud to announce our latest cutting-edge module, 'Bart', named after the infamous candlestick pattern, in which the crypto asset price will rise rapidly in a short span of time, only to then continue on in a somewhat underwhelming low volatility trend sideways, with a 'prestige' act of dumping downwards in a manner almost identical to the preliminary initial pump, resulting in an arrangement that resembles "Don't have a cow, man" - Bart Simpsons' infamous silhouette.

When activated, the Bart module will avoid longing from the peak of any Bart pattern, and will possibly short the top of the afro if other conditions are favourable.

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